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    Lime Technology Unraid OS Pro 6.11.5 (server OS software)

    Unraid 6.11.5. We are selling Pro license keys $25 each with free lifetime updates. You must provide your own USB, we recommend scandisk cruzer as displayed in photo 2. Tired of paying for google drive and public storage of your data, then welcome to Unraid, the most sophisticated NAS operating system. Info: You need a fresh USB that has never been used for Unraid before for the keys to work. You will receive easy to follow instructions in the package. Follow the instructions and you will be registered. Always make sure your USB boot drive is plugged into your server. When updating or recreating your flash drive: You can just get the latest copy from USB creator software available on Unraid.net. There is no special version, we use genuine software with no modifications. Copy your flash/config folder to the new USB. Always backup your config folder this is the only folder that is required to save all your settings. Regular price for Pro is 129 USD You can purchase your Unraid license right now on our website and the product keys/ patch will be instantly available to download following the checkout page and also delivered to your email. LINK TO PURCHASE: https://officerat.store/product/lime-technology-unraid-os-pro-6-10-3-server-os-software/ Simplicity. Flexibility. Scalability. Modularity. Unraid empowers you to build the system you’ve always wanted using your preferred hardware, software, and operating systems. Control Your Data Break the confines of a single OS. Unraid lets you partition system resources to store and protect data, run any application, and/or create virtual machines in isolated environments. Unraid 6.11.3 is the current version. Offering a license to Unraid OS PRO. We sell the licenses and have the capability to offer ruitine updates. We do not modify or crack the software and it is %100 reliable. We sell our specially made license keys for $25. That includes routine updates, you will not be stuck running the same version when there is a new release we work to get the patch to you ASAP. We are not Unraid.net, we are an independant group of technicians that specialize in server software. OfficeRat.store, software wholesaler, independantly managed licenses on all software. With your purchase you get a membership to receive updated patches. You will be on our mailing list to receive all updates. $25.00

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